About Us

GSL Properties, Inc. owns and manages multi-family residential properties in the Western United States. Based in Portland, Ore., we have earned a reputation in the Portland area as the leader in quality multi-family residential development. That reputation has allowed us to expand beyond Oregon. Our combination of financial strength, innovative approach and attention to detail has produced some of the finest residential properties in the Western United States.  We have built and acquired more than 12,000 apartments in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Washington.  GSL currently manages over 9,000 apartment units.


Our Goal – Functional, Beautiful, Affordable

We believe people need functional, beautiful, and affordable homes. We take pride in creating apartment complexes that complement and enhance the surrounding neighborhood, as well as address the special needs of the site and the community. Before we even start to design, we meet with neighbors, community groups, municipal planners and others to learn the community’s needs and concerns.
Project design is a critical element of GSL's development philosophy. We organize design teams for each project, comprised of the finest professionals available, as well as based on each project’s unique characteristics. Our design professionals take great care to make the most of each site's strongest features, maximize the functional utility and marketing potential of each unit, create outstanding visual appeal and design economically efficient structures.
Our Financial Philosophy
Financial commitment is an important part of our philosophy.  GSL typically invests substantial equity in its projects, and is always prepared to own and manage them through the inevitable cycles in the market. Accordingly, we invest in quality construction and have built a strong, professional property management team to protect that investment and assure that each project is soundly operated.
We have completed 48 affordable apartment communities, totaling nearly 8,000 apartments, using tax-exempt bonds and federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits as the primary financing tools.  All of these communities operate at high occupancy levels. Our management staff is well trained to manage the specialized requirements of the tax-exempt bond program, Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code (LIHTC compliance) and any special requirements of local housing authorities.
Live. Life. Better.